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Friday, January 18, 2013

Trying to afford asthma medications!

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*Sigh* just thinking about paying for prescriptions makes me tired. Hubby and I and all three kids have allergies, and we all have asthma except for Hubby. So that can add up to A LOT of allergy and asthma medication at the pharmacy. I was thinking of all the prescriptions we get:

  • Albuterol
  • Dulera
  • Epi Pens
  • Singulair
  • Symbicort
  • Xolair
  • Xopenex
  • Zyrtec
We spent a lot of time at the pharmacy too. In fact, I don't even give my name when I walk up, I just go up to the window and they turn around and grab our prescriptions. Last month I was there when a college aged guy walked up to the counter and kind of stammered "uh, my name is ____ and I need to pick up a prescription." Amateur.

Of course it's probably not a good thing that they recognize us and know each prescription that we take. We must be the "asthma family!" So how do we afford all these prescriptions? Well, it isn't easy. There is a website that can help with prescription co-pays. It's called Needymeds . They don't sell medications, they just help you find companies that will help you pay for them. You can use the website for ANY medication ( for high cholesterol, depression, diabetes, ADHD, seizure disorders, heart medication, etc etc) You just type in the name of the medication, and they can help.

Each company has a different requirement, but it's worth checking into. Our copay for Xolair is $150 a month, and we get help with that. Once we pay for all the other medications we take every month, it really adds up.

The Utah Asthma Program also has a list of every asthma medication and co-pay assistance for each one. You can find that information by visiting their website.  

Good luck, and I hope one of those websites can help you be able to afford your asthma medications!

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