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Monday, January 14, 2013

Time for new pillows!

It's that time of year again-all the stores are having 'white sales' and now is the perfect time to replace all of the pillows in the house. Why? Well, when was the last time you got new pillows? If you can't remember, you should probably replace them!

We sleep on the same pillow every night, and we drool on them (fess up all of you who have allergies and stuffy noses!) Cold season also means runny noses and coughing, and that lands on the pillow too. Spring and summer can bring a head full of hair and pollen. And during the heat of summer, when you are sweating, guess where that ends up? Yep, on your pillow.

So, think of all the fun things your pillow contains-drool, runny nose drippings, pollen and sweat. Mmm, makes you want to cuddle up in your bed, doesn't it?!

We replace our pillows every January when the stores have white sales on all of their bedding. Pillows aren't that expensive, I found a 2 pack of pillows on sale for $5 at a national chain store, so I loaded up my cart. Because Hubby and I and all three of our kids have allergies (year round) it works better for us to get new pillows every year. I searched the internet and saw various suggestions of how often to replace pillows. The ehow website article suggests every 2 or 3 years. But because our allergies are so bad, we replace them every year.

We have multiple pillows on each bed, so what should we do with the old ones? We have a big pile now! I saw an article from Heloise in Good Housekeeping Magazine. She said she is giving her old pillows to her dog to sleep on. Since we don't have any pets, I think I'll load them up and take them to my local animal shelter. I think the dogs and cats will thank me.

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