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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Random thoughts inside my head

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No, this isn't what's inside my head-air blowing from one side to the other. I was just thinking about random thoughts about asthma.

I just gave a presentation about asthma to a group of people, and they were surprised by a few things.

  • It's legal to carry asthma inhalers in public schools in every state in the U.S. (BUT you and your doctor must fill out a form every year from your school district.)
  • It's also legal to carry an Epi Pen with you at all times (but fill out the school form first)
  • Asthma is the Greek word for 'panting" which is what it sounds like when you are having problems breathing
  • You can develop asthma anytime, even as an adult. It's called adult-onset asthma.  
  • You can get help paying for your asthma medications (or any other medication!) We use NeedyMeds to find a company that will help us with co-pays for my son's Xolair injections. NeedyMeds doesn't sell medication, they help you find a company that can pay for co-pays.
  • NeedyMeds also has a page that can help you find free/low cost/sliding scale clinics anywhere in the country! Just click on a state to find what you need.

I'll have to say that I know more about the every day aspects of asthma than I ever wanted to know! I might as well share a few of the things I learned along the way. I hope some of these things can help you.

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