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Friday, January 11, 2013

Fist bumps

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See this? This will NOT be me this winter. I am NOT shaking hands with people when I meet them. I've been watching the news and seeing hospitals across the nation overwhelmed with people who are sick with the flu. I'm going to take a cue from Howie Mandel (who is a bit of a germi-phobe). He doesn't shake hands with people, but instead "fist bumps" them.

I think we all know what a fist bump is, you just hit knuckles with the person you are meeting.  Time magazine even wrote an article, "A Brief History of the Fist Bump."

Even though I had the flu shot this year, I am REALLY worried about getting the flu. You can still get the flu if you've had the vaccine, but it's supposed to be less severe and not last as long. I worry because with asthma, everything is worse. Brian Williams talked about the flu on the Nightly News and said that people that are getting the flu are "falling like redwoods." He said it hits hard and fast.

They are telling people to stay home if they are sick. They said people try to be heroic and still go to work so they don't fall behind, but instead they are spreading the flu to everyone around them. And how is that going to work if the whole office is out sick because one person insisted on coming to work?!

They are also telling people to isolate the sick person at home, put them in a separate room to keep the flu from spreading. If they sneeze, the droplets can spread 6 feet-infecting other family members.

It's also a good idea to wash your hands-and don't touch your nose, mouth or eyes. That's another way the germs get into your body.

The hospitals are showing record visits to the emergency room this year, some are even putting up tents in the parking lot to treat those with the flu. For those of us with asthma, it can cause breathing problems. If you get the flu and are having problems breathing, get to the doctor or hospital-FAST! For us, the flu can lead to pneumonia. And that can make you very sick and even cause death.

Pay close attention to your asthma and make sure you are taking your medicine.

Wash your hands often, don't touch your face, and use a fist bump if you are meeting people. Sometimes it pays to be a germi-phobe!

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