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Monday, January 3, 2011

Tip#4 roller shades in bedrooms

Tip #4 - Roller shades in bedrooms

This may not be for everyone, but it's something that seems to help our family with asthma. They're simple and functional, and when they roll up, there's no where for dust to settle.

The problem with having beautiful plantation shutters or 2" wood blinds, is that the horizontal surface is an unbelievable dust magnet. I don't know about you, but my weekend to-d0 list doesn't include 'spend 3 hours cleaning all the blinds in the house'.

I do have 2" wood blinds in my kitchen, but they came with the house. It's a little different having them in the kitchen versus having them in a bedroom and sleeping directly underneath them.

The roller shades are quick to wipe down, and it's easy to wash the windows too because the blinds roll up most of the way.

There are different options for roller shades. Some people adorn them with striped fabric, old maps, etc. I sewed pom pom fringe on the bottom of Kitty's blinds. As long as they can still roll up, I say let your imagination run wild.

I think it's fairly obvious to use roller shades in bedrooms when dealing with allergies and asthma. I am surprised by how many people have never thought of all the dust building up on horizontal blinds. Take a peek at yours and run your finger along the slat, see what you find. As an Interior Designer, I pick apart every nuance of my house, looking for cleaner and better options as far as furnishings and decorating. I'll continue to share any little tidbits I have found along our journey.

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  1. So do you think it makes a difference if you use a fabric roller shade? I have a son with asthma, and we're building a house -- my goal has been to make this house as dust mite and allergen unfriendly as possible. I plan to paint these shades (stencil stars for him and polka dots for my daughter), but the vinyl ones just aren't ideal to look at, nor do they take paint well, at least from what I've read! Just curious what your thoughts are... I'd prefer fabric shades (and really,they'd be up except for at night...), but it's not worth compromising the breathing going on in our house! Thanks for any input!

  2. (Sorry for the late reply, it's hard to find comments on my blog, the new format from Blogger flags them a little easier now.)

    I agree, the vinyl shades are pretty ugly. I put pom pom fringe on the bottom of my daughter's shade. Before that, I hand- sewed beaded fringe. I also have long curtains on each side of the window that are made of cute fabric.

    You could certainly try Roman shades. I find that anything that is pulled up during the day doesn't build up dust. I love the look of plantation shutters and 2" wood blinds, but they are so hard to clean....

    I wonder if you could find any custom blinds on-line? I did a quick search and found a link to a company that makes custom roller shades.

    I'm sure you could find others.

    Good luck!

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  4. Doesn't the long curtains collect dust?

  5. Anything will collect dust, but it's easy to throw curtains in the wash and wipe down a vertical vinyl blind. It's much harder to hand clean each individual slat on the horizontal blinds.

    But these are only suggestions, each person needs to do what's best for them!