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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Tip 5- New pillows!

Tip #5- New pillows

Cause and effect are a difficult thing to try to figure out. One of the things we still struggle with is what is causing allergies and asthma, often we have little flare ups in sneezing and wheezing.

I've noticed that lately I have been waking up every morning with a tight chest and a few coughs.

Kitty is also sneezing and wheezing, so I have gone through her room to try and determine the cause. The bedset has been freshly laundered, the curtains have been washed, of course I vacuum a couple of times a week, especially under the bed.

I started researching online about how often we should replace our pillows. Most websites recommended replacing pillows once a year. Apparently, body and hair oils accumulate on your pillow. Not to mention sweat and drool. Doesn't that sound fun?!

So, I decided to try new pillows. Of course Hubby said, "Didn't we just buy new pillows?" Well, 'just' to him has a different meaning to me. As in, didn't you 'just' cut your hair (yes, 6 months ago!)

So, off we went to the store for new hypoallergenic pillows. I actually decided to get new pillows for the whole family. This time of year, everyone is doing 'white sales' which includes sheets, towels and pillows. So, they were fairly inexpensive.

And I think we have success! I actually woke up this morning without a tight chest and without coughing.

So, just another tip, try new pillows. I feel like I have a second job as a detective, always trying to figure out what's causing the lastest problem. And I think this one may have worked.

Happy shopping!

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