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Monday, November 22, 2010

Water damage

More water damage

I say more water damage, because almost exactly when we signed on the dotted line for the house we're in now, things started going wrong.

We've had numerous floods in the basement, things shorting out, have nearly started fires with electrical problems, gas line leaks, etc etc. Looks like the washing machine is leaking now. I saw a puddle under the washer last week, hubby AKA 'fix it guy' worked on things for a while and we thought we had it fixed.

Then Saturday, I noticed a bubble in the paint on the kitchen wall (located next to the laundry room. ) I knew that wasn't good, and as I was feeling the wall to see if there were any soft spots, my hand went right through the wall. Yep, definite soft spot!

So, here we go again. I have this natural aversion to water damage and mold. In our previous house, we had a leak in the roof over our sun room. It took 3 months to fix. They had to tear the wall down to the cinderblock, then sand it, bleach it, and use a negative air pressure machine to reduce the moisture. Then resand and rebleach the walls. They had to tear out part of the ceiling and replace most of the roof. I loved seeing that part of the house sealed off in plastic and workmen coming and going in biohazard suits. We even got a picture of the biohazard symbol on the door to the sunroom - a warning to those entering the house that way.

It was just about the time Kitty had just been released from the hospital for the 4th or 5th time after a bout with pneumonia. I can't help but thinking the black mold in the sunroom had an effect on her. Mold is a definite trigger for asthma, and we had plenty of it.

So, here we go again. I have been known to be a little agressive in tearing down wet plaster to prevent mold growing. Hey, I'll do anything to protect my kids.

So, you all can have fun shopping this weekend, we'll be fixing our kitchen and laundry room walls! We'll be shopping too though, at the hardware store. Looks like the kitchen is going to get a new coat of paint once we get the wall done. So much for a relaxing weekend.


  1. You go girl! Keep that water at bay! You're really just using this as an excuse to re-decorate :)

  2. Honest. I am doing this for the good of the family. You know I have this aversion to mold!

  3. yikes! that doesn't sound like fun....
    good luck!
    -brook dorff

  4. You’re a strong woman, Andrea! Anyway, water damage can truly be such a burden. You can actually call for professionals and let them handle all what needs to be done. Give yourself a break, you deserve it. ;)

    ~ Diane Blackburn

    1. Thanks Diane, we've used professionals for the big jobs. But if it's a small area, husband is really handy! But for anyone else that doesn't have a handy hubby, definitely call the professionals and let them fix it! (And get a pedicure while they do the hard work!) lol