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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Could be worse

Things Could Always Be Worse

was watching the video "Ever After" the other and there's a great line from Anjelica Houston. She is the deliciously evil step mother who says to Cinderella (Drew Barrymore), "We must'nt feel sorry for ourselves, must we? No matter how bad things get, they can ALWAYS (insert shrill trill of the tongue sound) get worse"

That has been our mantra. I sometimes have people ask if we think "why me?". It always surprises me when people say that. No we don't say 'why me?'.

I'm a fixer. Like most women, when something's wrong, I want to fix it. So, when we're in the doctor's office or pharmacy, or I'm pacing the floor because one of the kids is really bad with their asthma, I think 'how can I fix this?'

Sometimes it means multiple breathing treatments with the nebulizer, sometimes I know we need to start Prednisone (again.....), sometimes one of the kids will need a shot of Decadron (steroid injection). Sometimes I know we need the hospital with a steroid IV and oxygen.

Don't get me wrong, there are days that I think 'can I just have one day without worrying about the kid's asthma?!'

But, through it all, I have the Best Hubby In The World, and amazing friends who get us through. We've had countless dinners delivered, cookies baked, prescriptions picked up from the pharmacy, goodie bags dropped off for me with Dr. Pepper, chocolate and Interior Design magazines.

But also is the knowledge that we'll get through this. Not everyone gets through their various medical problems. Some people become became disabled, have surgeries, chemo, radiation, etc. Or don't survive at all.

So, things could always be worse. I try to remember that, even on the bad days. Remarkably, it has brought us closer as a family because it is essential that we rely on each other during the emergencies. And we all have to pick up the slack and jump in and help.

All in all, we'll get through the bad days with asthma, we always do. And 'we mustn't feel sorry for ourselves, must we? No matter how bad things get, they can always be worse!'

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