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Monday, November 29, 2010

Medication changes

Medication changes

As I was using my asthma disc the other day, it dawned on my that my asthma has been pretty good lately. Hhmm.

I was looking over the 'step wise' approach listed in the national guidelines a couple of weeks ago.
I know one of the recommendations is to 'step down' medications if your asthma has been in control for 3 months. I think I'll set an appointment with Asthma Doc. I'm on a combination medication right now. Sometimes people can step down to just an inhaled corticosteroid. (Check with your doctor! They're the experts!)

I'm wondering, as I look out the window at the snow and cold if this is a good time to step down. This is going into flu season (and pneumonia season for us!) Plus cold weather is a big trigger for me. Shoveling snow yesterday didn't help the lungs much.

That's the thing about asthma, for us anyway, it requires constant tinkering with medication. By far the worse time for me is spring and summer, even with allergy medicine, we're all constantly sneezing. And then that leads to that tight chest feeling.

But in summer, we don't usually have to worry about influenza and pneumonia. Of the 12 times the kids were hospitalized for asthma, all of them were for complications with pneumonia.

I have to take Kitty for her weekly allergy shots on Friday anyway, I might as well set an appointment for myself with Asthma Doc. At least it will save me a trip. Mother/daughter bonding time (although she would prefer a trip to the mall). Maybe we'll have to do something fun after seeing Asthma Doc. Shopping anyone?

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