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Monday, March 2, 2015

Clean your room!!

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This photo reminds me of Son #2. Our son is in college, but still lives at home. (We cut him some slack - he has a scholarship and works part time, but still can't scrape up rent money.)
But living at home means you still have to obey the house rules - I don't care how old you are! And one of the rules is to keep your room clean. Son #2 is going to college full time and has some REALLY tough classes. He's usually up until the wee hours of the morning doing homework or writing a research paper. 

So, the last thing he wants to do is clean his room. However, like all of my kids, he has allergies and asthma. And he's really allergic to dust. I could tell it was time to clean out his room because there was so much dust that he was waking us up in the middle of the night sneezing. Yes, he is on a different floor of the house. But when that guy sneezes - he really sneezes - loud! And it wakes me up. I can tell you that I'm not a happy person when I get woken up in the middle of the night and can't get back to sleep.
He was gone on I shoveled out his room! Muhahaha! I couldn't take it anymore. Hubby helped because dust is one of my asthma triggers. 
I can't believe how much stuff that guy has - you would think he has saved everything he has ever been given in his life! It's piled up in the living room for now. With strict instructions - to only put back what he REALLY wants to keep and what's important to him.

We are donating outdated clothing and shoes. And sorting through books, model airplanes, etc. 

And that room is CLEAN! It's vacuumed and dusted - and he better not mess it up!

That's one of the problems with allergies and asthma. You can take allergy medicine - but if you are living in a dirty, dusty room - it won't help. Because that allergy and asthma trigger is still there. Once the dust is gone and cleaned up, his allergies improved. He hasn't been sneezing at all.
Now, I'm back to sleeping through the night. And I am much more pleasant to be around! :)


  1. I stayed the night at the ER and found out it was soybean oil that was triggering my anaphylaxis. Most people with soy allergies can eat soybean oil safely but I'm an exception. Haha I love the story about your son and the dirty bedroom. Pfft boys!

    1. Wow, glad you are okay.

      Well, even though they are in college, as long as they live at home - I can tell them to clean their room! ha!

  2. I live in large city, so we have problem with dust - it's also caused by central heating. But when I use the vacuum cleaner, I see that I have more hair of my dog than dust!

    Coming back to the last comment: for me this theory works, in my family there were always dogs and... I'm allergic to everything except of animals. My doctor told that I'm very classical case. But it doesn't mean, that it will works for everyone.

    Fortunately we have cold now, so pollen season has little pause :)

    Greetings from wet Poland.

    1. It sounds like you love your dog - even if he does fill the vacuum bag with dog hair!

      I'm glad pollen season is slowing down for you. It is just starting here.

      Every time I go to the grocery store, I buy more boxes of tissues! I should buy stock in the company.....