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Thursday, August 7, 2014

Stress causing asthma attacks

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Stress is one of the asthma triggers that most people don't know about. Stress can take the form of worry, anger or crying. All those things can cause an asthma attack. Who knew??!!

This week was a VERY sad week because Neighbor had to put Neighbor Dog to sleep. Neighbor Dog had a fast moving cancer that made it very obvious to all of us that she was suffering and she wasn't the same dog we knew. It was awful to watch her go downhill so fast. 

So, we all had a little time to spend with Neighbor Dog and to be able to say goodbye. I'm the worst cry baby in the world, so naturally I started to cry when I knew it was my last chance to see her alive. I was doing what Oprah would all "the Ugly Cry." I was having a really hard time and could tell that I was starting to have an asthma attack.

I had to try to calm down and slow down my breathing and then use my inhaler. Sometimes, it seems like asthma just seems to get in the way of everything! I couldn't even have a good cry because it triggered an asthma attack. Sigh.

It's a good idea to make sure you have your inhaler with you at all times. You never know when you might need to use it. Besides the usual triggers of smoke, dust, mold, exercise, strong scents, etc, you can add stress and strong emotions to the list. And remember that asthma triggers can change over time. Just because a trigger hasn't bothered you in the past doesn't mean it won't bother you in the future. (I haven't had a problem with perfume until the last 2 years - now it causes MAJOR asthma attacks.)

Anyway, so long Neighbor Dog, I'll miss you :(


  1. That's the reason, why some people think that we are hypochondriacs or crazy. Sometimes when I'm in my clinic, elder people look at me as at animal in the ZOO. Because there is stereotype: if You are young, You must be healthy. Or some people think, that if I have sick body in my age, I must have also something wrong with my brain :P
    For me biggest trigger are pollen. I'm going to the region of Europe with ambrosia and I take with myself half chemistry :)
    Greetings from Cracow.

    1. I wish it was a complete package - I would like to be young AND healthy, but that doesn't always happen.

      Oh well, if people want to think I'm a hypochondriac, that's THEIR problem. Asthma is a VERY real disease - it doesn't matter how old you are!

  2. Yes I did. I was on the bus and the person standing near me had strong secondhand smoke. I began having an asthma attack. I had just taken an exam and was already pretty stressed, so my inhaler didn't help much. I couldn't move because the bus was full. So I panicked. Harder having general anxiety disorder. I could feel my chest tightening but there was nothing I could do. The bus eventually stopped at my apartment, luckily I live on the first floor and the apartment is only 2 blocks from the stop. I whipped up my nebulizer and was eventually fine. Oh the joys of being epileptic and not driving, I can't control if the people around me smoke or wear perfume. Plus I have no choice but to ride the bus in the winter, I can't walk or ride my bike because cold air is a trigger.

    1. I know what you mean, asthma really gets in the way of life sometimes. But I always think "It Can Always Be Worse...." :(

  3. Also, how does your church handle sacrament? I just got baptized July 26, and I partook of the sacrament at first but then until I saw it being prepared I had second thoughts. People tearning apart the bread without using hand sanitizer or washing their hands, and carelessly handing the cups with the water. I talked to my bishop about it but he didn't seem to understand my situation and thought I was an OCD but job. Who would be an appropriate person to bring this up to? I still want to partake of the sacrament!!

    1. Is there someone else in your church you can mention it to? In our church, they go to a separate room out of view and use hand sanitizer before they prepare the sacrament. Then they get the water and bread ready for the trays.

      I'm a germiphobe, so I asked how the bread and water was prepared. My son actually showed me, so now I feel better.

      I hate to say this...but is there a woman you can talk to at your church? Oftentimes men aren't too concerned about hygiene, but woman are. Maybe there is another woman that you could gently talk to about it?

      What do you think?

    2. I called the bishop's wife and explained cystic fibrosis and how I can't afford to be exposed to germs and she said next Sunday she'll make sure everyone uses hand sanitizer. I was sitting in a pew waiting for church to start and I saw guys rip apart the bread. One guy was picking his nose!!! Yuck! And I'm in a YSA ward so grown men picking their nose, really? I was calmer when talking to her though. Yeah, men are less hygiene conscious. I used to have guy roomates and one was a slob, thank goodness we had seperate bathrooms. But I'm sure guys feel the same way about our hygiene consciousness, the other sex is a mystery, which is why we love them. Germs Aside, church is worth it. I've never been so accepted and made friends this easily, they're my family!

    3. Good for you, I'm glad you explained things. People have no idea what you are living with you don't let them know.

      A grown man picking his nose? Oh wow! :(

      I'm so glad you found love and acceptance :)