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Friday, August 1, 2014

Flonase nose spray now over the counter

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This is what our family looks like.....year round. Hubby and I and all three teenagers have allergies. Not just a little sneeze here and there - I'm talking year round sneezing fits. (The neighbors down the street can hear us kind of sneezing.) And allergies always make our asthma worse. 

Some people like allergy pills. Some people like allergy nose sprays. For those of you who like nose spray, Flonase is available without a prescription.  (Earlier this year, Nasacort became available without a prescription.) 

That can be nice, because you don't need a prescription - you can just buy a new bottle from the drug store or grocery store when you need it. It may save some money too, depending on your insurance. Some insurance companies have a high deductible for prescriptions (where you pay for all of the prescriptions until you meet your $500 deductible). Others only charge $5 for prescriptions.

Call your local drug store to see how much they are charging for Flonase. Hopefully you can save some money.

But I'm still a big believer in having regular check ups with my Asthma Doc. He is one smart guy. I schedule a checkup every year to see if I'm still taking all the right medicines for allergies and asthma. 

But, until then, if you run our of your nose spray, it's nice to know that you don't have to call your doctor for a refill. You can just buy it over the counter now!


  1. Really? I'm afraid people may overuse it and erode their nasal passages. I broke my nose and have a deviated septum. I started getting scabs inside my nose and I asked my ent doctor why and he said I had a deviated septum which is not allowing the nasal spray to disperse evenly in my nose so it was eroding the nasal tissue. I've also heard of people eroding their nasal passages even without a deviated septum just by using them for years. I can see an uneducated person overuse it thinking there is no harm and erode his nose down the road. I only use steroid nasal spray when it's utterly necessary.

    1. My husband has been using steroid nasal spray for years, but he goes to a specialist who monitors him.

      I guess it's like all can have too much of a good thing :(

  2. Maybe it is not accurate with the topic, but I have question to You as specialist: Do You have any experience with Rupatadin?

    1. That drug is not available in the United States

    2. Thank You for response. I didn't know, because this drug is new and is available widely in the EU.