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Friday, August 22, 2014

How often do you use a rescue inhaler?

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I've talked to two people today who told me they have family members who are REALLY struggling with their asthma. They said their family members are only using their rescue inhalers to treat their asthma symptoms. When that doesn't help, they are going to the emergency room.

Hhmmm, Asthma Doc has told me time and time again that "all rescue inhalers do is buy you time." He says they are "just a bandaid approach." He told me if I am using my rescue inhaler too often, I need to be on a daily, maintenance medication. Maintenance medications help keep the swelling down in your lungs - so if you are exposed to one of your asthma triggers, you may not need to use your rescue inhaler as often or you may not end up in the emergency room.  

How often is too often to use your rescue inhaler? 
Webmd has a page called When Should I Use My Inhaler? 

Here's a quote from their page:

A rescue inhaler is supposed to relieve sudden symptoms, not control your asthma long term. If you're using a rescue inhaler 2 days a week, or more than 2 nights a month, your asthma isn't controlled. Talk to your doctor -- you may need a control inhaler.

I use a daily medicine to control my asthma. But I still have to use my rescue inhaler if I am around strong perfume, smell smoke, am out in cold weather, or get sick. (Those are my asthma triggers.) BUT - I don't use my rescue inhaler more than twice a week. If I don't feel "right" or feel like my asthma is under control, I call Asthma Doc and he can adjust my medicine. Sometimes he changes the amount or strength of my maintenance medication. If that's not working, he may try another medicine.

Asthma can change over time and can be hard to control at times. If you are having problems with your asthma and using your inhaler more than twice a week, or waking up more than twice a month due to asthma, talk to your doctor. He's there to help.

Even with asthma, we should be able to enjoy life and be able to do all the things we want to without asthma holding us back! 


  1. Especially exercise! Did you hear a woman with cf did an iron man!!! I'll have to get her name. I've been doing great, kaydeco has helped a lot and I've gained lots of weight on enzymes. I'm almost the normal weight for a person my height. My skin isn't so salty. I used to be able to taste my sweat. Have you gotten the xolair yet for your daughter?

    1. Wow! An iron man? Sheesh! Most really healthy people can't complete an iron man!

      I thought of you when I was driving home from work. I passed a Jeep with a personalized plate. It said Fight CF

      Cool, huh?

  2. Also this sorta sounds like a tootsie pop commercial!