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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Mom Fights for Kids with Asthma (American Lung Association)

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Mmmm, doesn't this make you want to take a deep breath?!  There's a story on American Lung Association's website about a mom from California whose 15 year old daughter died from an asthma attack. Lydia Rojas is now channeling her grief to be an American Lung Association Healthy Air Volunteer.  Here's a quote from Lydia:

"Simply breathing dirty air can be deadly for people with asthma,” Lydia explains. “Because no one should have to experience the pain my family has endured, it is time we get tough on soot and other forms of air pollution.” 

You can read more from Lydia's guest blog on American Lung Assocation's website. No parent should have to lose a child, no matter what the cause. But people can make a difference when it comes to dirty air. You can carpool, use mass transit or commute by bicycle (depending on how far you live from your office!)

You can also do something REALLY simple. You can be "Idle Free." It's a campaign in our state to encourage people to turn off their engines if they are idling (in line at the bank, in front of the kid's schools while waiting to pick up your child, etc.) According to the Idle Free website:

"idling wastes money and contributes to increased asthma and other respiratory problems"

So "Turn Your Key and Be Idle Free." It's easy and your lungs will thank you. And so will the people behind you in their car! Let's all do a little bit to help clean up our air!


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