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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Generic Singulair in Walmart Ad

I was surprised to see this ad for generic Singulair (Montelukast) in the Walmart ad this week. Their ad says save up to 50% on Montelukast. My co-pay went from $50 per month to $10 per month! Nice! Especially since all 3 of my kids take it EVERY day, yep they take it year-round.

Some kids are lucky and only have seasonal allergies. So they may only need to take Singulair in the Spring or Fall when pollen is bad. We aren't as lucky, we all have allergies year round. We're all allergic to animals, grass, trees, flowers, bushes, etc. If it's alive, we're allergic to it.

I heard an ad on TV the other day while I was making dinner. It said "Do you store tissues like a squirrel stores nuts?" I burst out laughing, because I do! I have travel size tissues in my purse, the kids have them in their backpacks, I have multiple packages stashed throughout my car. Not to mention my favorite Puffs with Lotion boxes throughout the house.

So, if you're like our family, and suffer with allergies and asthma, you may want to switch to generic Singulair (Montelukast). It will save you a LOT of money. Then you can afford to buy more tissues!

Ahh, life with allergies and asthma....

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