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Monday, August 20, 2012

Generic Singulair is in pharmacies now!!!!!!!

It's here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes, I need a life. I am excited because generic Singulair is in pharmacies now! I was picking up another prescription and casually asked the pharmacist when they would be getting the generic Singulair. I knew the FDA had approved it, but I thought it would take a while to be produced and be on store shelves. Wrong!

You can ask your pharmacist for it today. I thought I would have to get another prescription, but my pharmacist said unless the doctor has written "no generic substitutions" we could switch to the generic version. I excitedly asked the pharmacist to run it through to see how much it would be. He said it was $10. I gasped and rolled my eyes. He asked how much I normally pay for Singulair. My copay is almost $50 a month (times 3 for my 3 kids)

So, instead of paying $100 for the two bottles you see above, I only paid $20. I quickly sent a message to my son living out of state and told him to ask his pharmacist for the generic version too.

When you have a family of 5 that has allergies, and 4 of the 5 of us have asthma, the costs really add up. We spend a LOT of money and time at the pharmacy.

Now that Singulair is generic, it will help my budget. Now I need to refill my Advair, that will be about $60. If Advair would just go generic now too.....


  1. Oh, I too was so excited today. I had thought it would take some time too before it came out but I opened my shipment from Medco and PTL!!! instead of $400 for 3 months worth it was $20. Now I'm praying for Symbicort to be generic soon too. I know their patent is expiring this month as well. That will save me $750 for 3 inhalers.

    1. It's the little things in life that make it exciting.....saving money on asthma medications is one of those! So happy for you :)

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