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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Back to school time-talk to your kid's teachers!


Today I just sent an email to all of my daughter teachers. It's a new school and I need all of them to know about the problems Kitty has with her asthma. She may not have any problems while she's in class, but what if she does? Will they know what to do?

Have they ever seen an asthma attack?! It's scarey!!!!!!!

There is an online training, called Winning with Asthma. It's supposed to be for coaches, but it's a good 'Asthma 101' video for anyone to watch. I sent the link to Kitty's teachers and asked them if they would please watch the training. It talks about asthma and shows how to treat an asthma attack.  

I also need to send an email to Son #2's teachers about his asthma. His asthma is much worse. He misses a lot of school which causes problems when teachers are going to give him an incomplete for missing so many days each semester. Last year, we had to call Asthma Doc and have him fax a paper over saying that Son #2 has asthma, it's a chronic condition, and that he is going to miss more days than the average student. I don't want him held back from graduation because he's missed too many classes.

Just remember that asthma can hit at any time and the chances that the school nurse will be there is slim. In our area, our school nurses work really hard and take care of a LOT of students. They cover 5-9 schools. That means they are in the kid's school about 4 hours a week. I told Son #2 "if you're going to have an asthma attack, make sure that it's on Monday between 8:00 and 12:00, because that's when School Nurse is there!" Ha! Like you can plan an asthma attack.

I would like the teachers to know what to do too. Of course my kids can use their inhalers by themselves, but it's nice to know that teachers can help my kids if they need it. The Winning with Asthma online training is free and it will help educate your teacher about asthma and how to help your kids.

After all, you never know when the teachers might need to use it.....

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