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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Generic Singulair PLEASE!!!

We are waiting for Singulair to go generic, Merck's patent expires in August of 2012. That means a generic version will be available in the U.S., but I don't know when. Soon I hope! It's already available in Mexico and Europe.

Hubby just called from the pharmacy, he was getting 2 of the kid's Singulair prescriptions filled. But our insurance co-pays start over again in July. So Hubby had to pay full price for both prescriptions. They are $125 a piece! So, there goes $250!!! Ouch.

Since we all 3 of our kids have asthma (and so do I), we buy A LOT of asthma and allergy medications, so trips to the pharmacy really hurt our budget. It's almost time for a new Advair disc, and that's really expensive. Advair is about $500 without insurance, but I usually pay $60 with my copay.

I'm dreading another trip to the pharmacy when I need a new Advair disc.

So, what to do? Needymeds is a great resource. Their slogan is "find help with the cost of medicine." There are a lot of companies on the website that can help when you can't afford your prescriptions. DON'T stop taking your medicine if you can't afford it. If you do, you can end up in the emergency room or after-hours at the doctor's office. That's going to cost WAY more than it would to just get a prescription filled.

I hope Singulair goes generic soon, until then it might be easier if I just sign my paycheck over to the pharmacy....


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