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Monday, July 30, 2012

New powdered nose spray!

Daughter Kitty was at Asthma Doc's office, getting her allergy shots last week, and she was miserable. Even though she takes Zyrtec and Singulair, (in addition to a daily asthma medicine) and has weekly allergy shots, she could still hardly stand it! She was sneezing, her eyes were watering, she talked through her nose like she had a cold. She was one miserable girl.

We were actually at Asthma Doc's office for Son #2 to get his Xolair injection. But he took one look at Kitty and jumped into action. He first had to approve her to get her shots because she was having so many allergy symptoms. (I am wondering if Shot Nurse was worried that Kitty would have a reaction to her allergy shots if she was that severe before she had shots.) Asthma Doc approved her, and she didn't have a reaction. But in the exam room with Son #2, he could see that Kitty was miserable. He quickly stopped what he was doing to talk to Kitty. He asked if she had ever tried nose spray, and that was enough to upset her. She broke down into tears. She HATES nose spray. But he had a card up his sleeve, there is a new nose spray that is a "dry" spray. Like all new products, it also has a dose counter, so no more guessing how many doses are left.

If you look at the photo, you'll notice that the hole for the spray to come out is VERY small. That lets you know that it goes into your nose. To watch a video that shows how to use it, click here.    

We are going to try it this morning. I am wondering how many people will confuse this for an asthma inhaler? It looks similar, except that the hole is really small. Just look at the name "Qnasl" and know that nasal is another term for nose. So it goes up your nose, not in your mouth.

If your kids hate nose sprays too (or maybe you do!) this may be an option. Ask your doctor what he or she thinks.

Good luck!

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