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Monday, March 12, 2012

The wood floor saga continues

So, Hubby is making progress on Neighbor's wood floors. If you have been reading this blog, you know that Neighbor has a Little Dog who also has a little bladder. Little Dog has been peeing on the nice, thick carpet at Neighbor's house. Neighbor wanted to see if she could get one area of her carpet clean that the professionals said wouldn't come clean. We decided to check it with a black light and see if all of the pee came out. Well, we both about passed out after the majority of the room lit up with pee.

Neighbor decided to take out the carpet and refinish the wood floors that are original to the home. This is what they looked like over the weekend. Hubby has been applying the varnish. Yes, all of the windows are open and the furnace is turned off. It is a bit chilly, but Neighbor didn't have a choice. That carpet had to go!

This is the first of 3 or 4 coats of varnish. Once the house is aired out, then Neighbor can move her furniture back in. I am curious to see if Neighbor's asthma will improve. She seems to be wheezing every day. I can even hear her wheezing over the phone!

If you have asthma, a hard surface floor is a great option. I have wood floors in my home and people ask if it's hard to clean. Not really. There are vacuums that are made to clean hard surfaces. We have a canister vacuum that we can use on the wood floor and then flip a switch, and we can use it on area rugs. There are assorted electrostatic mops (dry mops that the dirt will stick to.) There are all sort of ways to clean wood floors.

What I like about wood floors the most is that you can SEE if they are dirty. You can see dust bunnies and find out what areas you missed cleaning. Most people don't take the time to vacuum the corners or edges of their carpet. But with wood floors, the dust is easily seen and cleaned up.

So, Hubby will keep working on the floors. Secretly, I think he likes doing it. There's something guys seem to like about being weekend warriors and doing projects around the house (or Neighbor's house.) And look a the results! They are beautiful.

I'll keep updated the progress of the wood floors for those of you who are following.


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