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Friday, March 23, 2012

Weather changes and asthma

The top photo is what my daffodils looked like on Saturday. The next photo is what the daffodils looked like on Monday. Huh? Covered in 6 inches of snow?!

This is typical weather for where I live in the spring. One day can be warm and sunny, then the next day can give us 6 inches of snow on the lawn. We are expecting the same thing to happen this weekend. I searched through my dresser yesterday to find my shorts and will happily wear them this weekend. But on Monday, the weather is supposed to drop 20 or 30 degrees and it will rain and snow again.

This can cause problems with asthma. Many people don't know that changes in weather can be an asthma 'trigger' - or cause an asthma attack. My lungs are wondering what is going on! First it's warm and dry, then suddenly it's cold and wet! My lungs Do NOT like that much change. Even though I am on a maintenance medication (one I take every day for asthma) I still have 'twitchy' lungs. My lungs feel really irritated and I feel as though I am constantly on the verge of coughing.

So, what to do? For me it's easier to stay inside when the weather is being a little crazy. My lungs don't like going from warm, dry air to suddenly having cool and wet air. Everyone who has asthma is different, and many of us have different things that trigger asthma attacks. So the important thing to know is what causes problems for you. The changes in weather do trigger asthma attacks for me. So you won't find me out playing in the snow after wearing shorts the day before!

It is spring now, but where you live may not have big changes in weather like we do. But if you do have big changes in weather, watch your asthma and keep your inhaler handy. Just in case...


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  2. I found your blog doing a search for weather affecting asthma. I think I might have it and will be asking doctor on Thursday. I was told last week my fatigue and being breathless was from my blood pressure being high but from research online I think I have been having mild asthma symptoms for years. I thought asthma sufferes always had wheezing now I know I was wrong. Will be reading your blog to learn more on your experience with asthma.

  3. Sorry, they changed the design on Blogger, now I can't find the comments on here! Sorry this is so late. I hope you find what you need. I had asthma for years, as did my kids and we all went undiagnosed. That's not uncommon. The Allergy and Asthma Network has some great resources for the Newly Diagnosed. Here's a link to their website for the Newly Diagnosed section. You can call or email their nurse (who is a Certified Asthma Educator) and ask questions. I hope this helps!