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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The flu-is it a big deal?


As many of you know, I like to keep current on medical issues, especially anything concerning asthma. A recent report from the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) shows that many deaths from the flu can be prevented. Click here to read the story.

The report says many deaths could be prevented if you vaccinate your child and follow up with influenza anti viral drugs if they do become sick. The flu vaccine isn't 100% effective, especially for kids with high risk medical conditions. (I believe kids with asthma would be included in that group.)

What is a little scary is that almost half of the deaths of children (under 18) happened to kids that were less than 5 years of age. For those of you with kids that age, you know that it seems like they are always sick. They get over one illness, and it starts all over again.

What is shocking about this report is that half of the children who died were otherwise healthy. The other half of the children suffered from a variety of conditions such as neurological disorder, pulmonary (lung) disease, genetic disorder or heart defect.

I have enough problems keeping my kids healthy and alive. After 12 hospitalizations for my kids with their asthma (and 2 VERY close calls with death) I am a little shell shocked. The kids were sick last week when I got my flu shot, but now that they are feeling better, they will be getting the flu shot.

What a fun family outing! Fortunately, after years of allergy shots, they are used to needles so the shot won't bother them too much. But just the same, I think we'll stop for ice cream on the way home. Chocolate seems to make everything better.


  1. Mine are so used to it they fight over who gets to go first. Yeah. They know it is an absolute every fall. No ifs, ands, or buts. My asthma kid actually giggles with the flu shot...I have not figured that one out. They have never missed a shot clinic, ours is in 3 weeks.

  2. Good for you! When we went last year, the nurse wanted us to wait to go into a room. I assured her that my kids were used to shots and received them every week for the last 3 years. She finally relented and let them have their flu shot behind a temporary curtain divider. They didn't make a peep and we were soon on our way. (Although I don't think anyone was giggling...)