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Friday, September 2, 2011

Dancing with asthma?

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It seems like I can never get away from asthma! This week I attended a cooking with vegetables class. As I was thumbing through the Health Monitor magazine they handed out, I saw an article called "Dancing with Asthma."

I have to admit that I don't watch Dancing with the Stars, but apparently one of the dancers on the show, Anna Trebunskaya, has asthma. The article tells her story of living with asthma. Originally from Russia, she said her asthma was made worse by living in an industrialized area. Once she moved to California, her breathing improved instantly due to the ocean air. (She must not live too close to LA, because anyone who's been there has probably experiened their bad air due to all the cars!)

Anna uses breathing exercises that she says trains the lungs to take in more oxygen. The website where this is available is based in Australia and is a partnership with two drug company, four universities, and two medical researcher institutes. Click here for the link

I tried the exercises, they were hard for me. Let me know if any of you found them helpful. I have found it is helpful to to try control my breathing during an asthma attack. The faster and more shallow I breathe, the worse I feel.

But if Anna is a world class dancer and can keep her breathing and asthma under control, it's worth a shot. Now, if only I had a dancer's body like she does, that would be nice too!

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