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Monday, August 29, 2011

Pneumonia vaccine

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This is what you DON'T want your lungs to look like.

So should you get the pneumonia vaccine (Pneumovax 23?) According to, people ages 2-65 should get the vaccine if they are risk of developing pneumonia because of another disease (such as asthma, diabetes, lung disease or heart disease, alcoholism, liver or kidney disease.)

You should only get the pneumonia vaccine once. In special circumstances, they may give it again, but there is more of a possibility of more serious and frequent side effects. To read their advice, click here.

Son #2 had the vaccine when he was younger because he had already been hospitalized several times with pneumonia. His doctor recommended the vaccine, so we had it done. A couple of months later he wound up in the hospital (again) - with pneumonia! I was shocked! The nurse in the Pediatrics unit said "Well, it doesn't work on all strains of pneumonia and it doesn't work on all people." Just our luck.

I think if you have asthma, it's worth getting the vaccine. Since I have asthma, I decided to get the vaccine, as well as my daughter, Kitty, who also has asthma. We need all the help we can get since our lungs can often become inflamed and irritated. What is a cold to normal people often turns into pneumonia for us.

Check with your doctor to see what he recommends. After you (or your kids) get your pneumonia shot, take yourself (or your kids) out for a treat! Chocolate makes everything feel better!

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