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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Asthma drugs going generic-yay!

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I just read an article about prescription drugs that will be going generic within the next 14 months. Included in the article was a mention of asthma drugs. Wahoo! I'm a little excited for what this means for patients, it will mean a loss of money for the pharmacy companies, but it's good news for us. My husband and I and all 3 kids have allergies. And all 3 kids and I have asthma. So, we are at the pharmacy A LOT!

In fact, it's a little embarassing that all I do is walk up towards the counter, and they simply reach behind them for the prescription for Hubby/Me/Son #1/Son #2/Kitty.

Asthma, diabetes, high blood pressure, cholesterol lowering medication, depression, bi-polar disorder and medication for HIV are all going generic. (I wish I knew WHICH asthma medications were going generic......) Click here to read the story.

It's a little sad to see people are going without medication because they can't afford it. In the article, the doctors said they can always tell patients with high blood pressure or high cholesterol that are not taking their medication. They can't hide that during a check-up when their blood pressure is sky-high or a blood test shows they still have high cholesterol.

We found a resource that helps with medications, it's called Needy Meds. Click here for their website. They have different foundations and programs that can help with co-pays on medication.

Son #2 receives Xolair injections once a month, and our co-pay is $150. (That's in addition to all the other asthma and allergy medications we pay for)

Needy Meds is updated regularly and is a free service. Each program there is a little different, but we are able to get help with our monthly $150 co-pay.

Check it out, it can help until the prescription medications start to go generic in the next 14 months! And even then, they can still help with co-pays.

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