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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Changing pillow cases for allergies

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I was at the pharmacy (yes, again) and was chatting with the Pharmacy Technician. As we were chatting about allergies and asthma, she mentioned a great idea to deal with allergies. She puts on a new pillow case every few days.

Now, anyone without allergies would think she was crazy and it's a waste of time. For those of us with allergies, who wake up sneezing and wheezing at night, it's a great idea! Many people don't realize that you get pollen in your hair, eyebrows, eyelashes and on your skin at the end of the day. There are several things you can do before you go to bed. My Asthma Doc suggests:

  • Shower EVERY night before you go to bed. This removes the pollen and will allow you to have a better nights sleep.

  • Sleep with the windows closed (to keep out any more pollen)

  • Use air condition (central air) rather than a swamp cooler

  • If you don't want to shower at night (it does help!) consider changing your pillow case every few days so you're not sleeping on a pollen covered pillow

Just a few ideas. The problem with allergies (with our family anyway) is there always seems to be something high on the allergy charts. Spring, Summer and Fall, it never lets up. It can be trees, flowers, bushes, weeds, molds, you name it. Something is always bothering us.

At least with a cold, your sniffing and sneezing is limited to a few days or week at most. With allergies, it goes on, and on, and on, and on.

So-just a few ideas to help you sleep better. If anyone has any ideas that work for them, I would love to hear them. Otherwise, keep breathing!


  1. Once allergies are flaring, they become more difficult to treat. If you are on a good medication regimen before the pollens peak, it makes for a much more enjoyable season smoke eaters

    1. We are on allergy medicine YEAR ROUND - there is no break for us!

      We just move from one season into another and continue to have allergy problems (even after 5 years of allergy shots!)