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Monday, September 20, 2010

smoke and asthma

There's a fire about 15-20 miles away. It was making us really nervous, we were wondering if the smoke would get to our house.

We could smell smoke from another fire that's about 100 miles away, but the smoke has drifted up here. The moon looked really pretty last night, but the smoke is unnerving. I made sure all the windows were closed and the air conditioner was on.

Smoke from a fire about 10 years ago put #2 Son in the hospital, on oxygen, IV steroids and on a heart monitor. Why the heart monitor? To give them a little advanced warning because they were waiting for him to "crash", then he would have been on a ventilator- on life support.

So smoke makes me very nervous. I was watching the live news casts last night wondering how the people near the fire were doing, especially those with asthma.

If you had to be evacuated from your house and had just minutes to grab a few things, what would you take? It makes you stop and think. Amongst the photo albums, I would make sure I would have the nebulizer and all the asthma medication.


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  2. Life comes at you fast! And it's always a surprise! I could never anticipated what asthma has brought to my life over the last 11 years!