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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Neti pots

 Neti pots. Neti whats?!

Ever try one? They look like a tiny plastic magic lamp or a squatty squeeze bottle with a pointed lid with a hole in it.

What is it for? It's for all of us plagued by allergies, it's a tool used with a saline rinse that cleans out your sinuses. Isn't that exciting? Well, not really- but necessary.

Sinus infections are really common for those with allergies, and they can trigger asthma attacks. Asthma Doctor said that Neti pots are as effective at antibiotics at clearing up sinus infections. (and since antiobiotics are overprescribed and their overuse is causing antibiotic resistant bacterias......)

You simply fill the neti pot with warm STERILE water and a packet of saline solution, you lean over the sink and squirt it up one nostril, tilt your head, and let it run out the other side. Then you switch nostrils. It's like jumping into a swimming pool without plugging your nose! It makes your eyes water and your nose run. But it's amazingly effective.

Sometimes when you've tried other options over and over again, you get frustrated and are willing to try anything. So, if you're at that point, you might consider a Neti pot. They're sold at most drug stores and are not that expensive. Remember to use sterile or distilled water each time. There have been rare cases of infections from contaminated water that led to brain infections. *shudder*

If you decide to try it, good luck and keep a box of tissues handy!


  1. Just love my neti pot too... has been a life saver. Just remember to dry your nostrils well after it, or else left-over water may worsen the sinus infection. Neti has helped balance my breathing reducing breathing problems. By the way, I read a great article here about Neti & breathing:
    Sure has changed my life....

  2. Thanks Jen, it's interesting to try new things. Some people are a little hesitant, but once you give it a try.....
    it really works! Happy breathing!

  3. Hi Andrea! Just found your blog when googling neti pots. We found out today that our daughter (just under 6 months) almost certainly has asthma, so my husband and I have been researching like crazy all day! Glad I found your blog and will be doing a lot of reading here!

    I have a blog too if you'd like to check it out:

  4. neti pots helps to flush nasal cavities.It's process is quite irritating but it prevents us from sinus irrigation.I used it and it works better than other.

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