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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Real or artifical tree?

Well, it’s that’s time of year again. My friends on Facebook are posting lovely pictures of their family at the Christmas tree lots, picking out the perfect tree. It’s post card perfect.

Well, we are……heading to our store room to haul out our carefully packaged Christmas tree. Sigh.

No fresh smelling pine trees, no pesky needles to sweep up.
Just an artificial Christmas tree.

Hubby and I and all 3 kids have allergies – to everything. Trees, grass, flowers, bushes, cats, dogs, horses – basically anything that is alive. And that includes Christmas trees.

It’s not that we haven’t tried to treat our allergies. Not only do we all take allergy medicine (or allergy nose spray) every day, but the kids have all had 5 year’s worth of allergy shots.

Allergy shots are supposed to desensitize your body and make your allergies better...but just our luck - they didn't work well on the kids. 

Their allergies aren’t as bad as they used to be, but they still sneeze, get a runny nose, and have itchy eyes and throat.

So, we get a nice, boring artificial Christmas tree.

(Hubby actually doesn’t mind because it saves money! We don’t have to buy a new tree each year.)

I have to admit – I do miss the smell of a fresh Christmas tree, but it’s not worth the miserable month we would spend with allergy medicine and a box of tissues.

We did buy a fresh pine wreath for the front door, so at least we have that!

What is right for your family?

Real of artificial tree?


  1. I'm currently in Portugal on my honeymoon. My husband served his mission there. And we will be staying for christmas so we have a charlie brown christmas tree but who cares??

    1. What??? I didn't know you got married! Congrats!!

      Hope it's gorgeous there! :)