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Monday, March 14, 2016

Stay active with asthma!

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Wahoo! The weather is finally getting warmer where we live. (Sorry for all you people that live in Oregon and Washington and get day after day of rain......) 

We are trying to stay active as a family, but what is the best way to do that if you have asthma? It may be different for each person with asthma. The one thing that drives me crazy about asthma is that there doesn't seem to be a one-size-fits-all treatment. 

WebMd has some ideas in an article called "Don't Let Asthma Keep You on the Couch"
These are a few highlights, but it's best to read the whole article!

  • Tennis, volleyball and golf have short bursts of energy, but then give you time to catch your breath
  •  Hiking, biking and walking can increase your endurance, but won't leave you breathless
  • If you are swimming laps and are short of breath, it could be because you are sensitive to the chlorine in the water 
They also list a few exercises that might be harder for someone with asthma:

  • Long distance running, basketball and soccer can be harder because it's a constant burst of energy
  • Hockey and cross country skiing can cause problems because of the cold, dry air 

 So, how do you know what's right for you? Try it out of course! As long as your doctor is okay with what you are doing, you can try a few sports and see what you like. Of course there are other ways to exercise that aren't on their list.

You can go canoeing, horse back riding, etc.
Now that the sun is out, I love riding my beach cruiser (I'm not one of those long distance bikers that wears spandex!) I just wander around the neighborhood on my bike and look at all of the neighbor's pretty flowers. 

I also enjoy walking (I love the sun on my face - and I get my best thinking done then!) 

And there's always the gym. Exercise bike, treadmill, yoga, pilates, spinning, swimming, etc.

But, no matter what I'm doing, I ALWAYS bring my inhaler! With my luck, I will be the one time I don't have it that I will need it. So, I use a sling bag and stick my keys, phone and inhaler......just in case.

Now get out and enjoy the sun! 


  1. Living with asthma can be difficult at times. But it is only life inhibiting if you make it. Great article, well written.

  2. I was actually in provo last week to attend a friend's wedding in salt lake! The altitude is different but my allergies improved since there is less mold. I stayed with another friend (who wasn't getting married) near BYU. BYU has so many stairs!!!! In my part of texas, it is flat

    1. I was in Texas this week for work, luckily no mold in my hotel room!

    2. You must've stayed in a corridor style hotel, mold is pretty bad if it is balcony style! This building at A&M flooded too many times to count and it smelled so bad!!! I would sneeze so much when I had classes there. They finally tore it down!!

    3. How awful! It's so hard to control water sometimes...