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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Ever forget to take your daily medication?

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Well....I must admit that some days I forget to take my daily, maintenance inhaler. Daughter Kitty is VERY good, she remembers to take her inhaler every morning and every night. 

If you someone who sets a good example and reminds you to take your medicine, what else can you do to help you remember?

I have heard of many different ideas:
  • Put your inhaler near your toothbrush (since you brush your teeth every morning and night)
  • Set an alarm on your smart phone
  • Set an alarm on your watch

And now comes technology! There are new "inhaler sensors" that can track your inhaler use. WebMD says:

"The devices attach to your maintenance and rescue inhalers and automatically note when you take a dose, send you reminders that it’s time to take another, and mark where and when you needed an emergency fix."

A scientific study published in The Lancet showed that of kids who needed to use an inhaler on a daily basis, 84 % of kids who had the inhaler sensor used it every day, compared to 30% of kids without the sensor.

That means: 

“Benefits range from improving medication adherence to reducing hospital admissions, which makes smart inhalers the next wave of respiratory care technology to improve patient outcomes,” Cassandra Perez of RT Magazine wrote in October. 
There are several version on the market. Propeller connects to your inhaler and uses Bluetooth to store data and send it to your doctor if you want.  

Smartinhaler sends alerts and stores your data in the cloud.

What will they think of next? 

Has anyone tried any of the smart inhalers? If so, leave a comment! I would be interested in seeing how they work.


  1. I have to do chest physical therapy for hours each day to clear up mucus. I have to wake up early to start it in the morning and usually study or watch TV while doing so. Ocasionally, I get lazy and want to sleep in, but it always bites me in the butt later on. And pancreatic enzymes are annoying, especially if someone brings pizza and I didn't bring enough because I wasn't expecting to eat at that time. At least I don't have diabetes like some CFers. By far, my pancreas have fared the worst compared to my lungs. I need a feeding tube because I don't adequetely absorb nutrients from my regular diet

    1. Oh sheesh! Sorry you are having such a rough time! :(


    This is nerdy gal, I am on my laptop instead of my phone, but I didn't realize this is a problem. Here in the south, you worry about accidentally leaving a kid in a hot car, but this is a problem in the north. Some of my relatives live in Indiana, and I have been there in the summer and it can get hot there too, so they have to worry about both of these dangers

    1. What a sad story! I feel so sorry for that dad. He had no idea the exhaust pipe was covered in snow and pushing the carbon monoxide back into the car.

      And I hear about people leaving their kids in cars too. It's so dangerous how quickly they can overheat!