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Thursday, February 25, 2016

House stuff

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Last week, I talked about having our house inspected by a professional to see if there was anything we were missing.

We can't figure out why daughter Kitty is still having a hard time with her allergies and asthma. We have to be missing something, but what?

You can see the bathroom remodel we are dealing with now (last week's post). It's REALLY fun to have 5 of us trying to all use the boy's shower. Sigh.

Was there anything else?

This is what we the inspector found we need to work on:

  • Make sure we vacuum AT LEAST once a week (this means everything - especially under the beds)
  • Wash the sheets for EACH bed once a week (for us, it works best to pick a day of the week for each bed. So, I wash our sheets on Friday. Kitty's sheets on Saturday, etc. My sons are supposed to wash theirs weekly........yeah, riiiiiight. I'm sure that's getting done!) 
  • Clean the vents (did that when we first moved in....but it's been 11 years. So time to do it again)
  • Change the furnace filters monthly (because we have cats - long story of why we do)

So, what are we doing right?

  • We take our shoes off before we come into the house
  • We dust weekly 
  • We have roll up shades in the bedrooms instead of horizontal blinds (horizontal blinds are the WORST for building up dust - and that's one of our allergy and asthma triggers) 
  • We don't store ANYTHING under the beds (makes it easier to vacuum underneath)
  • We get new pillows for the beds every year
  • We wash the slipcovers on our couch each year
  • We wash the curtains in all of the rooms each year 
It's REALLY interesting how things in the home, work, etc can affect your asthma. 

Can't find a housing inspector to look at your house with a fresh set of eyes?

 Happy inspecting!


  1. It is probably not as humid in utah as it is in houston (never been to utah), but my allergist told me to clean out the car monthly and keep trash to a minimum. The previous owner was a smoker and I got out brown liquid when I shampooed the seats and the floor.

    1. Oh wow! I didn't even think of that, but it makes sense if there is a lot of clutter with humidity, that could cause mold in your car too. Yikes!

      Three cheers for your shampoo machine! :)

  2. The reason I brought up humidity earlier was because cars in texas are prone to mold from opening the doors over the years from the humidity. I forgot to expand on that in previous comment

    1. That's what I was thinking, you probably have a lot of mold issues there.

      When I visited Hawaii, they had mold on the hymnals in the church we attended!

  3. I got a summer internship at rockafeller university as an immunology intern. I will live in manhattan for 3 months. Whoa, I better get used to walking everywhere and crowded places. At least it is not during the winter

    1. Congrats! Buy ear plugs too....New York is pretty noisy!

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