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Thursday, February 18, 2016

Black mold!!

This 1950's tub and shower look innocent enough - but it's been the source or arguments between Hubby and I. 

I knew the shower was leaking. Hubby said there was NO way it could be leaking. Mmmmhmmm.....

The tile wall seemed to be bowing out away from the wall. When I pushed on it, it sounded crunchy (like the tile wasn't stuck firm to the wall like it should be.)

Daughter Kitty's allergies always seemed WORSE when she was in the shower. That girl can sneeze 30 times in a row - easy. I knew there was something in the bathroom, but couldn't figure out what was causing problems. I cleaned every inch of that bathroom, and still she sneezed.

Asthma Doc was considering starting her on allergy shots - again. (She already had shots for 6 years.)

The only thing left  that could be causing problems was the shower.  

Hubby kept saying there was no way it was leaking. 

Last week I talked about having a housing inspector take a look at your house to see if there's something you are missing. It's a great idea to have someone else look with a fresh set of eyes.

Housing Inspector had suggested a few ideas, and agreed with me that there was probably water damage behind the wall. YEEESSSSSS! I guess Hubby had to hear it from someone else that he probably should check into fixing the shower.

He FINALLY agreed to tear out the shower. (But he wasn't happy about it.) (Don't worry - he took his mask off for this photo.) It's VERY important to wear protective gear when you tear out a bathroom with water damage. EPA has some great tips for Mold Cleanup in Your Home

It was a VERY long day for him. We have a historic house, which has plaster walls, not wall board. So it takes a crowbar and LOTS of patience.

A few hours into the destruction, he said, "Hmmm....guess what I found?" 

I knew he had found mold behind the wall, just like I said....

Can I tell you how much I wanted to say, " I TOLD YOU SO!!" I was nice and didn't say anything. He said, "Well, at least I admit I was wrong!" ARGH!

If he would have just listened to me sooner. We have been married almost 30 years, you think he would have learned to listen to his wife by now!

If you are not able to control your allergies and asthma, take a good look at your house or apartment and see if you can figure out what might be causing problems. Some areas have Asthma Home Visitation programs. They are free programs that will help you learn more about controlling your asthma, and check your home for any problems that might be making your allergies and asthma worse.

Here's an example of a program in Boston 

Guess it just takes a fresh set of eyes to see what you (or your husband) is not seeing as a problem in your home.



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