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Monday, July 20, 2015

Pacifier attached to a valved holding chamber and asthma inhaler?

I was at a conference and I saw a display from a company that makes a valved holding chamber that you can use with different age groups. (Basically, it's a tube that connects to your asthma inhaler. You spray the inhaler in to the tube, then you can inhale the asthma medicine out of the tube and it will go into your lungs.) 
You can use it:
  • as a valved holding chamber with an older child
  • add a mask for a younger child
  • add a mask and pacifier for an baby

Has anyone tried this yet? With the pacifier for a baby? It seems like companies are always coming up with something new!

I always used the nebulizer for my kids when they were little. I'm wondering if the valved holding chamber and pacifier would work just as well?

Any comments from anyone that has tried it?


  1. My parents agreed to pay for me to go to Provo during my spring break to visit the sister missionaries who taught me, we will be life long friends. I thought of you because you said you loved in utah. I hope I don't get altitude sickness! I did when I visited the Grand Canyon. I'm in a bowl in Texas (Houston is my hometown, and I go to school in college station). Me and my mom are much close as a result of the divorce. She is on antidepressants and is a much nicer person to be around and isn't always angry. My dad had an affair, and he really hurt me, my mom, and my sister. And he isn't the person I thought he was, but I'm glad I'm closer to my mom and sister and we can lean on each other in this hard time. Sorry for all the unrelated personal details, I may not know you but I can tell you're a caring person and I'm glad your kids have a mom like you and I'm sure they are great young adults. Haha whenever I see your blog I think of you as mama A, I grew up in the ghetto part of houston, so that's very endearing!! I actually started my own blog, it's not about asthma or CF (although I do mention them), but about life with autism. I can send a link if you're interested. I am about to go to class so I don't have time to embed a link

    1. You are so kind! I try to be a good mom. Although I tell my kids, "Sorry you got me for a mom. I am putting money into a therapy account in case dad and I do a bad job raising you guys!!" bahahahah!

  2. Hi Andrea I have a really interesting asthma rescource that I've been working on with several other college students at the Universtiy of Southern California. I would love to share more information with you and discuss what we've been working on. If you could send me an email at I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks!
    Patrick Carmody

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