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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Nebulizers with pacifier attachments!


I found this in a catalog while I was at a conference. It's a pediatric nebulizer that comes with a pacifier adapter. Who knew they made those?! Now when my kids were little...... (that makes me sound REALLY old!!) all we had were oxygen masks that were shaped like a dinosaur or a fish.

This is what the company says about their pediatric nebulizers:

 "A Pediatric Pacifier attachment is available to ensure that the youngest of children receive proper successful treatments."

Here's what they look like, I found the photo on

What a genius idea! Of course, you have to have a baby or toddler that will take a pacifier. 

If this would work for you, ask your doctor about the pacifier adapter, and see if insurance will pay for it. I remember how hard it was to get our toddlers to put an oxygen mask on, I wish they had the pacifier adapter when our kids were little! 

 We would have to give Teddy Bear a "breathing treatment" first. We would put Teddy's "medicine" (water) in the nebulizer cup so he could have a treatment. Then it would be our kid's turn! We would put a vial of the kid's Albuterol in the nebulizer for them. 

Sometimes you have to get REALLY creative when you have kids.

Thanks to whoever came up with this idea, you are a genius! :)


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