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Monday, June 9, 2014

Asthma camps

Well, school is out!!! 

Is anyone sending their kid(s) to asthma camp? Some of you may be wondering, "what is asthma camp?!" The Consortium of Children's Asthma Camps are special camps located nationwide that helps kids with asthma learn how to manage their asthma, while being active and experiencing the  normal camp activities - hiking, canoeing, fishing, ropes courses, swimming, etc.

What makes asthma camp different is that each camp has a doctor, nurses and respiratory therapists on hand 24 hours a day! These staffers are trained to know how to handle allergies and asthma. What a relief! You can relax, knowing that if your child has a flare up during camp, medically trained personnel will be on hand to treat them.

 Here's a video from a camp in Minnesota, Camp Superkids. Be sure to watch the very end of this video, it shows 4 different health plans that PAY for the kids to attend asthma camp! Each American Lung Association chapter also has "camperships" aka scholarships for families that can't afford to go.

Would you like to find an asthma camp in your state? Click here to find a map of the U.S., then click on your state, and it will find a camp for you!

Have fun, and pass the s'mores! 



  1. You have well - we in Poland don't have this kind of camps! When I was teenager, I only came for common camp near our sea.

    1. I would much rather be by the sea than in the mountains!!