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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Myths about allergies

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livescience has an article titled "9 Myths About Seasonal Allergies"

In the article, they interview Dr. John Costa, who is the medical director of the Brigham and Women's Hospital Allergy and Clinical Immunology Practice in Boston. (whew! that's a mouthful!)

Have you heard people say any of these things?

  • Everybody has allergies
  • If you didn't have allergies as a child, you won't develop them as an adult
  • Eating local honey can help with allergies
  • Scientists can predict a bad allergy season
  • Moving to a new area can help allergies
  • Flowers are a trigger for allergies
  • Don't use nasal sprays-they are all bad
  • Only take allergy medicine when you feel bad
  • Allergy shots don't work
To see what Dr. Costa says about each item, click on the link at the beginning of the blog, it's a REALLY interesting article!

Happy reading!! :) 


  1. Have you experience with pro air? My insurance decided not to cover xopenex and is forcing pro air on me. Proair always clogs and doesn't deliver the right amount of medicine. Do you know how to properly clean inhalers? How often? My doctor never showed me how to or even discussed it. What are your kids studying in college?

    1. Taylor, my insurance won't cover Xopenex for us either. If you feel it works better, you can have your doctor prescribe it, but you will have to pay for it yourself at the pharmacy. We were checking on that for one of my sons. I called the pharmacy to see what the "cash" price was for a Xopenex inhaler, it was about $150. My co-pay for Pro-air is $75.

      Proair has worked for me, but I always use it with a spacer. That way the puff of medicine goes into the holding chamber and stays until I inhale on the tube.

      It's hard to time it just right if you just use an inhaler without a spacer.

      I haven't had to clean my inhalers, I always keep the caps on them, and so far they have been okay.

      I found a Youtube video about how to clean an inhaler

      I know the holder that the canister can come in can get clogged. Hopefully that video will help: