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Friday, May 2, 2014

Another awkward conversation....


I was at an event where a woman was selling scented candles in a candle warmer, similar to this one that I found on Amazon. 

I saw her when she was setting up her display. I was setting up a display (about asthma) at the same event.....which meant that I would be stuck in the same room with her (and her scented candles)  - for 2 days!

I approached her and told her that I have asthma, and that her scented candles would trigger an asthma attack for me. She quickly said, "I'll just burn a light scent." She didn't get it! I can't stand ANY scented candles, (or perfumes!) I had to ask the coordinator of the event to talk to the woman and ask her not to burn her candles.


It seems like I am the Kill Joy at events like that. Sigh. I'm sure that woman would have sold more candles if people could smell them burning. And it probably would have made the room smell A LOT better. But no - I have to have asthma. Which means that my body is oversensitive and it will overreact to normal things that other people can be around. Then I will have an asthma attack.

The technical terms for this are hypersensitivity and hyperresponsiveness. 

Basically- its the "drama queen effect." For those of you who have teenagers, you will understand that term! With asthma, your body over reacts to different things. My lungs can instantly constrict  which makes me have a sudden coughing spell (asthma attack.) Even after using my inhaler, it takes several hours to feel better. And even the next day, my chest will still hurt.

It's SO frustrating. Just once, I would like to be the "normal" person in the room who doesn't have to worry about scented candles and people wearing perfume. Not to mention how I have to avoid my other triggers of cold temperatures, cats, and pollen.

Stupid body. Arrgh.  


  1. Now I'm in mountains in Southern Europe, so I feel much better than in my city.
    Sometimes I thank God for my asthma - because maybe He use it for something, what I don't understand.
    Of course, I use medicines (for this we, as people, have reason), and I believe, that I can be healed - but I'm not sure, if it would give worship in 21st century in Europe - journalists would write something very different.
    For some people common, daily life with chronic disease is more realistic and more reliable, than signs and wonderful healings.
    I greet You from mountains!

    1. You always have wise words Zim

    2. Zim, enjoy the mountains! I'm sure they are beautiful and hopefully a healing time for you.

  2. I just stumbled upon this blog. Its so refreshing to know there are other people like me out there that know how I feel. I am that constant kill joy as well and it feels horrible especially because people simply "don't get it." I know half the time people think I am just dramatic, especially now as an adult they think I "should have outgrown it." Thank you for this wonderful blog, so here in my quiet Wyoming home I don't have to feel quite so alone!

    1. Ashley, thanks for dropping by!! Yes, I know that lonely feeling all too well. I'm so glad you found my blog :)

      I try to explain to people that allergies and asthma are a "drama queen" (similar to having a teenager......)

      Our bodies over- react to normal things that don't bother other people. And there's nothing we can do about it....that's just the nature of the disease. Of course we take allergy and asthma medicine and try to avoid triggers.

      But, sometimes it's hard. I have had to get up and walk out of movies, dance recitals, etc because my chest tightened up, I started coughing, and was struggling to breath because of someone's perfume.

      If others haven't ever experienced it, they will never understand. That's why I do this blog, to commiserate and share with others who KNOW what I am going through.

      Know that you are not alone!

      I hate asthma, I hate allergies, and I feel bad that all 3 of my kids inherited it from me.

      But....our family mantra is "Things Can Always Be Worse!"

      Hope you are well in Wyoming!