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Monday, March 24, 2014


What is thrush?

Thrush is a yeast infection that can cause white patches on the tongue. Sometimes it can also cause sores if you try to scrape off the white patches. Babies and older adults are more likely to get it because their immune systems may not be strong.

(I was going to try to find a photo of thrush to add to the blog, but all of the pictures on Google Images are pretty gross. You can see a photo on WebMd's site ) They also have some information about the side effects of inhaled corticosteroids

If you have asthma, and use inhaled corticosteroids you can get thrush. I'm usually VERY careful when I use my controller inhaler. Corticosteroids are made with a yeast base, so it's important to rinse your mouth out after taking your medicine. I also take mine before breakfast so I can eat something afterwards, then brush my teeth. That will usually eliminate the risk of thrush for me.

BUT, I was sick last week. I had a cold that hit my lungs and made it hard for me to breath. I was taking a LOT of extra medicine, so I wasn't thinking clearly. And I wasn't as careful as I normally am when I take my controller medicine.

So, I got thrush. Argghh! It's really bothering me, so I'll have to call Asthma Doc and see if he'll call in a prescription for an anti-fungal medication, Nystatin.   The last time this happened, he prescribed a bottle of nystatin liquid. I had to swish a couple of spoonfuls in my mouth and then spit it out. I had to use it twice a day for 10 days. 

Fun!!!!! I really don't need anymore excitement in my life......

Follow the recommendations listed on WebMd's website, and be VERY careful and you may be able to avoid  getting thrush. Fingers crossed.


  1. Hi Andrea - Really sorry to hear you were unwell last week! Thrush can sometimes be painful... Anyway looks like rinsing with warm salt water & ice cream are in the works for you. Wishing you a quick recovery!!

    (PS - whenever you feel better & up to it, I'd still love to hear back from you. My email again is

    1. haha, I didn't think about eating ice cream "for medicinal purposes...."