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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Follow up to entry about migraines and allergies

What is with technology?! I saved this photo right side up, but when I put it on the blog it turns sideways??!! Argggghhhh!!!!

Anyway, this is the Reader's Digest magazine I was looking for, it is the current issue. Inside is the article I mentioned last week about the link between migraines and allergies. 

You may be able to read the article here They have free 30 day trials of Reader's Digest for Apple iPad, Amazon Kindle, B&N Nook and Android devices.

In the article, they quote the American Migraine Prevalence and Prevention Study  This is just a one page summary of the study. 

I found the original study, but couldn't download it because it required a membership fee. 

The Reader's Digest write up about the study says that the lining of the nose is connected to a nerve (the trigeminal nerve), which is connected to migraine pain.  The researchers think that when allergies flare up they irritate the nerve endings, which triggers pain. 

They mention that treating the allergies with allergy shots or allergy nose spray may help decrease migraines. If you have migraines AND allergies, talk to your doctor. It's amazing how so many things in our bodies are connected. Who knew??!!  Wouldn't it be WONDERFUL to reduce the number of migraines by treating your allergies first?

Sign me up!!!!


  1. is your son still on xolair? seems off topic but I was wondering if you have noticed any significant improvement after allergy shots. I'm still off them for a month since I had anaphylaxis and I was only 3 shots away from matinence!! My immune system has decided to go helter skelter since I reached college. Referring to the article you mentioned about can kids outgrow asthma, asthma is sometimes an autoimmune disease in which the immune system is attacking the body. Autoimmune diseases usually run in a cycle which means they can have several years where symptoms go away before they reappear again making it appear the disease is gone. I had asthma when I was twelve really bad and I was hospitalized four times. I ended up needing sinus surgery for a chronic sinus infection. My asthma improved until I went years without needing my rescue inhaler or any asthma and allergy medicines. Then my immune system went helter skelter starting freshman year of college. I got addison's disease, which is like type 1 diabetes but your body attacks the adrenal glands instead of the pancreas and you are steroid dependant instead of insulin dependent. Then my psoriasis came back (psoriasis is an autoimmune disease of the skin). Now my asthma has resurfaced. I'm seeing my ENT doctor next week to see if I need sinus surgery again. Out of curiosity, has anyone in your family had sinus surgery or is it strictly allergy related? I am being put on humira which is similar to xolair, but it is a TNF inhibitor instead of an antibody but both drugs work to modify the immune system. Humira has an off label use for asthma, I'm being prescribed it for severe psoriasis (I look like frankenstein's monster and people are always afraid to sit next to me because they think its contagious) so maybe this will kill two birds with one stone. Hoping my immune system will take a chill pill.

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