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Monday, December 16, 2013

Holiday stress and asthma

This is how I am feeling lately. Work has been VERY stressful and I have had a LOT of big deadlines. Add on top of that the stress of the holidays, and this picture about says it all.

We decided to start with holiday preparations early this year (so I wouldn't be stressed out) , but I am still behind! (And I AM stressed out!!) 

We took our family photos early in the fall. We don't use a professional photographer -we just try to find a nice background, set up the camera and tripod and tell the teenagers "okay, everyone act like you like each other!"

We also started early with shopping for family, deciding which charities to buy things for, which  goodies to make for the neighbors, figuring out travel plans, etc. But I looked at the calendar yesterday, and saw that it was the 15th of December. Oh no! Only 10 days until Christmas- that's next week??!! Argggggh. 

Okay, take a deep breath. Did you know that stress can make asthma worse? Web md has a great section about stress and asthma. 

There's a vicious cycle of anxiety causing problems with asthma, and then you are anxious because your asthma is flaring up, and it goes around and around in a circle.

So, how do you break the cycle of stress/anxiety and asthma? Well, find whatever works for you, we're all a little different. I love funny movies, Elf is my personal favorite during Christmas. I have many of his best lines memorized "We elves try to stick to the four main food groups: candy, candy canes, candy corns and syrup" Sometimes when I'm stressed out, I'll watch a collection of Elf clips on Youtube.

The Webmd site has several things listed that can help, such as:

Get plenty of sleep
Exercise daily
Reduce stressors
Avoid stressful situations (and I might add avoid stressful PEOPLE!!)
Delegate responsibilities
Get help!
Use relaxation techniques

The website goes into detail on all of these. The holidays can be survived (and even enjoyed!) if you are careful and pace yourself. Some things can be eliminated. Last year, we didn't send out Christmas cards....and the sun came up the next day and life went on!! If your to-do list is too much, cross things off. We have already crossed off several annual traditions because we just can't fit them in.

Take care of yourself and your asthma. The holidays aren't any fun if you are stressed out and having asthma flare ups. Check out the webmd site and see if any of the 'managing stress and asthma tips' will help you. Until then, keep watching funny Elf clips on Youtube...



  1. I treat Christmas spiritually, so for me it hasn't any big stress. Maybe only little, because some part of my family doesn't accept my worldview and my community. But for me the most important is Jesus Christ, not food, gifts or songs. Husband of my mother is Orthodox, so he celebrates Christmas at 7th January - and we haven't to care about tradition so much.
    The worst in stress is that it cause infections - but I see, that after vitamines I don't have them so much. So there is only one trigger for me, as I wrote as usual - smog.
    Greetings for You from cold Poland :)

    1. Zim,

      Sounds like you have your priorities set right! I'm glad you found balance in your life!