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Monday, December 9, 2013

Brrrrr.....cold as an asthma trigger

This are the beautiful mountains by my house, I have an amazing view from my living room window! We're actually going to have a white Christmas this year! The last few years, we didn't have much snow, but it was VERY COLD.

This year, I have already been out shoveling snow (over, and over, and over again....) The snow is beautiful, but it is soooooo cold outside. We dropped 30 degrees in temperature in one day. We were making a mad dash to the hall closet to pull out everyone's coats, hats and gloves. And checking to see if last year's snow boots still fit. Brrrrr.

I love the snow, because it makes everything look so magical. The thing I don't like this year, is that like last year, we have record cold temperatures. This is what my dashboard looked like this morning on the way to work: 
Yes, you're looking at that right, it's 3 degrees Fahrenheit!!! Luckily, I park my car in the garage overnight, so I don't have to scrape the ice off the windows. This morning, when I finished my work out at the gym and got back in the car, there was ice on the INSIDE of my windows. I guess the warmth of my breath as I drove to the gym froze on the inside of the windshield! 

Cold temperatures also happen to be one of my asthma triggers. So my chest is a little tight this morning, my throat has been a little "twitchy", and I feel the constant need to cough. So, what do you do if cold is an asthma trigger? The first thing I do is make sure I ALWAYS have my inhaler with me so I can use a puff if I need to. I also minimize my time outdoors, but I can't avoid having to walk from my car to the gym/ office /house, etc. 
One thing that seems to help me is to put my scarf over my mouth and breathe through that. It seems to help warm up the air before I breathe in. You can also pull a "Darth Vader." (That means cupping your hands in front of your mouth and breathing in and out to warm up the air.)

Has anyone else found something that seems to help them? Children's Hospital of Wisconsin has some good tips about cold weather and asthma.

Winter and snow can be a magical time, and you can still have fun if you are careful. Just remember to listen to your body, and if you feel like your lungs are acting up, get inside and warm up!


  1. In 2012, when we had -20 and less degreeds during winter (and smog) I was covering all my face by the scarf. I looked little like Muslim woman in niqab, but it was worth of that: I hadn't big problems with breathing.
    Greetings from cold Cracow.

  2. Zim,

    Who cares what we look like?! As long as we can breathe!!!!!