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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Flying with asthma

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So, I've been traveling a lot lately. And that means going through security at the airport. Again.

I take out all my liquids and put them in a plastic bag, which goes in the grey plastic bin.....which then rolls through the conveyer belt and goes through the x-ray machine. 

I usually leave my rescue inhaler and Epi Pen (I'm allergic to seafood) in my purse, and send that through the x-ray machine. This time, I stuck my daily maintenance inhaler in my purse too, because I don't like to pack it in my luggage. It would be my luck that it would get lost....

So I had a LOT of medicine in my purse this time!! I always worry that the TSA agents will pull me over and search me because I have an Epi Pen. I mean, for a while you couldn't even carry fingernail clippers on the airplane, and I am carrying something that has a needle in it!

This time, I went through security, and was waved over to the side. (I did get a quick pat down, but nothing too bad.) And then I turned to get my luggage.......but it wasn't at the end of the conveyer belt. Hhhmmmm, that's weird! The TSA agent was still looking at my purse through the x-ray machine, then he was looking at me. I smiled, and reached over and grabbed my carry on. He must have decided that I didn't look too suspicious, because he let my purse go through.

I wonder how many Epi Pens they see a day? He must have thought it was okay because I had two inhalers with it too. Who knows? The guy probably felt bad for me! Maybe he thought, "I'm glad I don't have food allergies and asthma!"

Has anyone else had any interesting stories about traveling with inhalers and Epi Pens? Have the TSA ever given you a hassle about carrying and Epi Pen or inhaler on the plane?

You know, I can never go anywhere without those. With my luck, it would be the ONE time I didn't have my inhaler or Epi Pen with me, and I would need it. 

The joys of having allergies and asthma......


  1. I often fly, because I have part of my family in Bosnia and Hercegovina (this country in southern Europe - ex-Jugoslavia). There is no simply way to go to Sarajevo, Zagreb or Belgrade from my city, so we must to have stop in Vienna.
    I don't have usually any problems with inhalers, and my doctor always give me special document about them. Only one time in Vienna they wanted to see them, but it was only watching.
    That's in Europe - I flied also few times to Germany and there also were no problems. In our Polish airports also.
    I fly only across Europe, so I don't have any experiences from exotic countries and other continents.
    Greetings from wet Cracow :)

    1. Sounds like you have a system figured out, I'm glad they don't hassle you about your inhaler!!

  2. Is it just me or does the proair inhaler always clog and not deliver the right medicine. My insurance decided not to cover xopenex and made me switch to pro air. Xopenex works better for me and proair clogs and wash;t working when I had an asthma attack.