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Monday, November 18, 2013

Another strange thing....

As a follow up to my other blog entry about traveling, it seems like no matter what hotel we stay in, I always have problems with my asthma. I know the room is clean, I check for dust on surfaces. I also look to see if the bed is on a platform (so there's no dust build up under the bed.)

But still, every time I would stay in a hotel this year, I would sneeze and wake up with a tight chest. I would have to use my inhaler EVERY morning. 

With asthma, it can be VERY hard to figure out what is causing (or triggering) and asthma attack. But after my last stay, I FINALLY remembered something Asthma Doc said. 

When he first met us 14 years ago (the 1st time Son #2 was in the hospital) he asked about all sorts of things about our home. Do we have carpet? Pets? Burn scented candles? Have silk flower arrangements? Do we use feather pillows?

I forgot about the last one, feather pillows!! That's what most hotels seem to use. They look so pretty when you check into the room, all lined up on the bed with a nice crease in the top of each one. 

Of course, it's not a big deal to "normal people" aka people without asthma! For those of us that have allergies and asthma (and a body that over reacts to everything......) it can be enough to cause sneezing and wheezing.

I was curious, so I Googled "feather pillow allergies" and found an article on the Livestrong website. They talk about if people are allergic to birds, they may not be able to have down pillows. So that's my problem! All 5 of us (Hubby, myself and all 3 teenagers) are allergic to EVERYTHING! Trees, flowers, grass, cats, dogs, horses, birds, etc. If it's alive, we're allergic to it! We use allergy medicine year's so annoying. It's like a cold that NEVER goes away. Sigh. 

I wonder if I have to be one of those people that carries a pillow with me on through the airport? Hubby (the sensible one) reminded me that I can just take a pillow cover. We use zippered pillow covers on all of the our pillows to protect against dust mites and other allergens. It would be MUCH easier to just tuck a pillow cover in my suitcase rather than haul my pillow around the airport. 

Of course, it could come in handy when I am sitting next to one of "those" people that want to talk the whole flight. Maybe I can just cover my face with my pillow and pretend they aren't there.... 

If you are sneezy and wheezy when you travel, consider packing a zippered pillow cover. Or you can haul your pillow on the plane and cover your head when the annoying person next to you wants to talk for the whole 5 hour flight!



  1. I have found that most hotels will exchange the feather pillows for non-feather pillows. I generally put it on the reservation form and follow up when I get there. This is much easier than bringing a pillow cover.

    1. Sandy, that's good to know! That would be MUCH easier than traveling with your own pillow. There's only so much room in the overhead bins of the airplanes.

      Thanks for the good idea! :)