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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The Breathe Easies

I am always on the look out for anything new about asthma. I saw a silly little video about some puppets, The Breathe Easies, who call themselves "the world's most famous (and only) asthma-rock band, here to tell you all about asthma triggers in your home!"

You can find the videos on the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) website called Attack Asthma.   They have several short videos on their page, each one is less than a minute long. You can watch "Clean Up the Mold", "Don't Smoke in the House" and "Vacuum the floor."

If there's one thing I've learned over the years about asthma, it is how everything around me can affect my asthma, and my three teenager's asthma. I know that making your home and office a safe allergy and asthma friendly place to be is sooooo important!! You can take all the asthma medicine you want, but if someone in the home smokes/ it's not being vacuumed/ things are dusty/you have pets, you're may still have a lot of asthma attacks.

There's a link on the website to another page that teaches about Triggers in the Home (those are all the things that can "trigger" or cause an asthma attack. The weird thing about asthma is that triggers can be different for everyone. What may be a trigger for me, may not be a trigger for my kids. It's interesting to see the list and read all the things that can cause asthma attacks.

Some of the things on the list might be surprising to you. It may also help you figure out what is causing asthma attacks with your family. There's also a cute page with fun things for kids to do, it's called Kid's Stuff.


Have fun looking around on the website!! :)


  1. In my city we have one big trigger - SMOG. Today I read, that my city is in the first three the most polluted cities in the whole Europe.
    Greetings from dirty Cracow.

    1. Zim, that sounds terrible! You must have a hard time breathing there :(