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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Hard-to-believe allergy?

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I was scrolling through the top stories on Yahoo's main page when I stumbled across one that says, "Tennis star's hard-to-believe allergy." The link took me to Yahoo Sports Page  I was curious to see just what the "hard-to-believe-allergy" could be.

The story was about tennis star Sabine Lisicki being allergic to grass. The 23 year old German tennis star used to hate playing tennis on grass. She says she has to take allergy medicine but still ends up sneezing during tennis matches. She said even though playing on grass makes her allergy worse, she seems to serve the ball better on grass courts than on clay courts. And that helped her beat tennis legend Serena Williams.

I don't think it's a strange allergy, because I have a daughter that is also allergic to grass. And she plays soccer. My daughter doesn't have a choice of where to play, you can't play soccer tournaments on clay courts!

Allergies run in the family, Hubby and I and all three of our teenagers have multiple allergies. My kids are allergic to almost everything that is alive-trees, grass, flowers, bushes, cats, dogs, rabbits, birds, etc, etc. 

People that don't have allergies don't understand what it's like to suffer from allergies. You feel miserable. Your throat itches, your eyes itch and run, you sneeze all the time (daughter Kitty even sneezes in her sleep.) It's like a cold that never ends. It makes you tired and cranky. And it affects your asthma. I get a lot of tight chests and asthma attacks from my allergies.

I'm glad Sabine Lisicki has found a medication that works for her and allows her to play at the top of her game. Making it to Wimbledon is no small feat. She is proof that you can still live a happy life even if you have to put up with allergies. I'll think about that the next time I am sniffling and sneezing and my chest is tight. If she can enjoy living with allergies, I can do it!

Now where did I put that box of tissues?

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