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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Another asthma attack from perfume

Yep, perfume again. I had another asthma attack from someone's perfume. This is only the 2nd time it's ever happened to me. The first time was last year, but the weird thing is that it's never bothered me before then.

I was at Kitty's dance recital last night, and could smell a strong perfume on someone. I glanced around me, but it was hard to tell where it was coming from. I was packed into a seat in the auditorium, so I decided not to get up and move. I was sure I would be okay. But the longer I sat, the worse I felt.

I could feel a sneeze coming and could feel my chest getting tighter. Last time I had an asthma attack from perfume, the same thing happened. First I was annoyed by the strong sweet smelling perfume. Could they possibly have sprayed more on their body?! Then I started sneezing, and then I started coughing.

This time, I could feel it starting and took my inhaler right away. The last time it happened, I was in a movie theater and started a bad "coughing spell" from an asthma attack. I spent most of the movie coughing and trying to clear the mucus out of my lungs. This time I took my inhaler right away, as soon as my chest tightened up.

Taking my inhaler right when I felt symptoms helped because the asthma attack wasn't nearly as bad as the last one.

As a plea from all of us who have asthma attacks from someone's perfume or cologne, PLEASE don't drown yourself in your favorite scent before going somewhere. Whether it's a movie, dance recital, meeting for work etc. If people are going to be all trapped in the same room until it's over, please don't wear perfume. And call me picky, but I would like to be able to breathe.

You may never know that you caused an asthma attack. I have no idea who was wearing the perfume either time. And there was no way of telling them that I just had an asthma attack because of their perfume.

After a fun night last night, I came to work the next morning and met our new employee and was shocked by how I could smell her perfume all over the office. As awkward as it was, I asked her to PLEASE not wear it and then propped the door open to our office to air it out. I told her it was one of my asthma triggers and that I had in fact had an asthma attack the night before because of someone's perfume.

Please help us to be able to breathe. Thank you!!!!  



  1. I am suffering from asthma attack since 4 years I consult my family doctor he suggest me to take Combivent Inhaler Generic and i stating using that inhaler and now i m felling better. I would like to recommend this medicine to all patients suffering from asthma attack.

  2. I'm glad you found something that works for you.

    The thing about asthma, is that everyone is different. We can all have different triggers for our asthma, and we can have mild, moderate or severe asthma.

    That also means we can all have different treatment plans.

    Here's to taking care of our asthma and breathing well!