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Monday, February 25, 2013

Surprising asthma triggers

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This article was in my Women's Day magazine  

I'm always reading anything that talks about asthma, and this one had a few surprising things listed that most people don't know about. But they can cause asthma attacks (keep in mind that asthma is different for everyone-what may trigger an asthma attack in one person may not bother someone else)

Since you can't read sideways, I'll tell you what the article says:

  • Acetaminophen. It's a pain killer that many people take, but the warning is that it lowers levels of glutathione. And glutathione can ease inflammation (swelling) in the lungs.
  • Gas stoves. Fumes from gas stoves can irritate the airways. They suggest that when you are cooking, make sure there's some air flow in your kitchen by turning on a fan or opening a window. 
  • Candles and perfumes. Anything with a strong scent can cause coughing fits (I've actually had this happen to me once.) They suggest not spraying perfume in an enclosed area and choose unscented candles.
  •  Blood pressure and glaucoma medicine. Both have beta blockers, which the article says can cause your airway to constrict. And when you have asthma, you don't need your chest to feel any tighter.

If any of these seem to bother you, talk to your doctor. There are always other medications and things you can use that may not affect your asthma.

This article was written by Sakina Bajowala, MD, allergist, North Aurora, IL, and a fellow of the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology (AAAAI.)

AAAAI has a lot of good information, if you have more questions about your asthma, check out their website.

And sorry about having to read sideways, I'll try to get that fixed!  



  1. This is an interesting new information about asthma. Thanks for sharing it though. I'll be keeping in touch for more new information about asthma symptoms and how to prevent it.
    Also, let me share with you an information about asthma attack and how to deal with it. .
    Thanks. :)

    1. Hi Jarius, thanks for stopping by. Great article on your blog, keep up the good work.

      Knowledge is power, so the more information people have, the better they can control their asthma.

      Have a great week!:)

  2. Thanks for these tips - I never heard of acetaminophen being an asthma trigger. In Orlando FL we definitely have a high pollen season. I knew about perfume/candles, but the gas fumes was a surprise too.

    1. Hi Arya, thanks for stopping by! Yes, there are all sorts of things that can cause asthma attacks. And that can change over time.

      I once had an asthma attack from someone wearing perfume at the movie theater. I wear perfume and have been around other people that wear perfume all my life but have never had a problem. You never know when it comes to asthma.....