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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Did your job cause your asthma?

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I was just reading a story in Health Day that said that certain jobs can actually cause asthma. Is your job on the list?

There was a 20 year study done in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Iceland and Estonia. They found that 7% of women and up to 14% of men developed asthma from their job. They were exposed to chemicals at work which caused their asthma. The study also showed that this was despite Public Health messages urging people to use protective equipment.

Here is a list from the article "Certain Jobs May Still Pose Risk from Asthma "from Healthday:

  • spray painters exposed to compounds called diisocyanates in paint
  • plumbers who handle adhesives and foam insulation
  • cleaners who come into contact with detergents
  • health care and social services personnel who use latex gloves and are exposed to detergents
  • food and tobacco industry workers exposed to certain proteins
  • hair stylists who handle chemicals in bleach
  • nail beauticians who use fast-acting glue

Does this mean if you have one of these jobs, you will develop asthma? Some people seem more likely to develop asthma than others. Read the full article to find out.

If you do have a job in one of these areas, and you have symptoms of asthma  talk to your doctor and see what he wants you to do.

Just remember that asthma is a result of your body over-reacting to things that are bothering it. There's no one-size-fits -all when it comes to asthma. Everyone is different. Your doctor can be the best judge of how to treat your asthma.

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