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Monday, November 19, 2012

Separate tubes of toothpaste to avoid getting sick

This picture is a little dark, but you can probably see two separate tubes of toothpaste (one on each shelf.) Yes, I'm a germa-phobe! I want my own tube of toothpaste and my own shelf for my toothbrush. When I get sick, I have a habit of getting REALLY sick. So I try to avoid it at all costs.

Case in point? This weekend daughter Kitty was complaining that her stomach hurt. A few hours later, she ended up with the stomach flu. All of you parents know how fun it is to clean up after a kid that's been throwing up! I carefully cleaned everything-doing multiple loads of laundry, sanitizing with Lysol and washing my hands over and over again.

When I got ready for bed that night, I was relieved to see my toothbrush and toothpaste on a separate shelf. I did NOT want to get the stomach flu. But that's what can happen if you share a tube of toothpaste-you can get infected by another family member before you even know they are sick.

Toothpaste isn't that expensive, so we get a separate tube for each family member. I would much rather try to prevent an illness, then deal with bronchitis, pneumonia or stomach flu going through the whole family. If that happens, then the kids are missing school and I have to miss work. It's much cheaper to to try to prevent it in the first place.

Just an idea, but one that has worked well for our family. Here's hoping for a healthy winter!

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